Eine Kerze für Oma Helga

  • Geboren am 02.01.1939
  • Gestorben am 19.04.2011
  • Erstellt von Ricarda
  • am 08.05.2011 - 18:47 Uhr

In Bildern der Erinnerung liegt mehr Trost, als in vielen Worten.

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Agnaldo am 22.09.2013
Are you kidding! After age one. Most peploe say at any age, but I think it's unhealthy to do that after age one, two at the most! Was this answer helpful? [url=]fikrfzgvmwr[/url] [link=]rlfblsdcw[/link]
Open am 22.09.2013
I don't think a child benefits by hanvig breast milk after 1 years. I found my daughter too big to be laying across my lap at this age and think it just proved she was no longer a baby and needed to be learning to feed herselfIt would not be good to go to Pre-school or school and be found by others that they were being breast fed. the longer it goes on the harder for them to give it up Was this answer helpful?
Heri am 21.09.2013
The FDA is recommending feeidng to atleast 2 years of age. But really you should feed him to the minimum until 1 years old. And if you are comfortable to continue feeidng him then do it as long as you would like too. Child led weaning is best.Edit I didn't see that he was 4 years old. You should stop feeidng once his milk teeth are gone if you decide to let him self wean which is anywhere from 4-6. And Scott don't answer things when you have no idea what you are talking about. My daughter has has teeth since she was 8 months. Was this answer helpful?

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